Aren't you just imposing your morals on others?

Some would say that people who think pornography is harmful shouldn't try and impose their morals on those who enjoy it.  But the real question here is whether morals are important at all, and whether morality is worth standing up for.

For many years pornography was kept out of sight in shops and not advertised in public. Even in today's permissive society many who get caught up with it are embarrassed if others find out about their involvement. That shows we have a conscience and we know instinctively that some things are right and some things are wrong. If you're into pornography, can you honestly say it's something you’re proud of? Are their no nagging doubts at all? And, if you're married, is it a lifestyle you want to pass on to your children? Would it ultimately make their lives better or worse? Would you really be pleased if someone in your family was in a porn movie?

Why is porn wrong if so many people think it's ok?

Because what's 'right' or 'wrong' is not decided by a majority vote. 

Long ago a majority of people believed slavery was ok - but that didn't make it right. The greatest number of killings in history took place when a majority of people in some nations believed what dictators told them 'was right'.

Pornography fuels lust - promotes selfishness and exploitation - destroys relationships and generally degrades people. That’s good enough reason to stop no matter how many people say it’s ok. Many who say it's 'normal' and 'ok' are biased because they make lots of money from the porn trade. It's a multi billion dollar industry! It's like the drugs industry, and that also destroys millions of lives.

If couples watched together sex would be more fun.

Some argue that if a husband and wife watched porn together it could make their sex more exciting.

The reality, however, is that they will soon end up just using their partner's body to act out a role. Watching porn will lower their personal morals and can easily lead to seeking sexual activity outside the marriage, or wanting to be part of a swinger's group. Such a marriage will have little chance of surviving for a lifetime.There are decent books available to help couples who may be struggling in the sexual side of their marriage.

Isn't porn just harmless adult entertainment?

Many people say that to entertain oneself with sexually explicit images, or to participate in a 'swingers' group, or through incest, is a personal choice and not harming anyone if others are willingly taking part. Some even say ‘pornography’ is just a word used by narrow minded people to condemn nudity and sexual enjoyment. Those who market porn argue that prostitutes and porn movie actors 'enjoy their work' and would be unemployed without it. But is it as harmless as these views suggest?

Pornography is more than a word to describe sexually explicit images. It's an activity related to sexual choices! Porn is the chosen entertainment of those who enjoy being ‘turned on by sex' so much they can’t get enough of it. Sex becomes an obsession. Even if they wanted to change many find that, no matter how much they think they won’t do certain things any more, they're soon at it again! Whether it’s frequenting places where sexual activity is available, or giving in again to X-rated internet sites, they can't resist the urge.

For some it becomes very painful! While the sexual thrills are exciting, their conscience is troubled; they feel ashamed, even dirty. Those who try keeping this part of their life hidden from others, especially family and friends, soon feel they are terrible hypocrites. For them, pornography has become a snare which has cruelly trapped them. Many who provide pornographic services also come to ruin, usually through depression and drugs.

Involvement with porn has wrecked careers and destroyed marriages. It's definitely not 'harmless entertainment', even if it were restricted to consenting adults. Sadly, that’s not the case! Many are trafficked into it as children and their lives can be ruined forever.

Do you have an objection I've missed?

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