Snare-escape is for anyone with questions as to whether pornography is 'just adult entertainment', or something that can destroy lives and marriages. It seeks to offer action people can take if they are trying to break an addiction to it. Please note that any advertisng appearing alongside this site is generated by the website provider and has nothing to do with the site itself. Snare-escape is free of charge and doesn't receive any funds through advertising. Pictures used are from images available on Google, but if any copyright has accidentally been infringed the picture will be immediately removed. 

Life is full of choices!

Some are small ones, like what to make for breakfast. Others are far more important. Some lead to long lasting happiness. Others , like fireworks, are exciting for a moment, but darkness soon returns! One of life's biggest choices is about sex. It's meant to be something positive, but for many it becomes destructive and can end in guilt, shame, and regret. And one of the biggest destroyers of sexual happiness is pornography! It can lead to despair, broken families, and even suicide.

Escaping from porn can be more difficult than other struggles because people are often more tolerant of gamblers, drug addicts and alcoholics, than someone addicted to porn. This site's aim is to offer help to anyone who knows porn has trapped them, and longs to escape.

But can that be done?

For those trapped in an obsession with porn, breaking free from the snare might seem impossible! But the experience of many who've found freedom shows that lasting change is possible!

My name’s Chris and I'm an ordinary guy who’s been married for over forty years. During those years I've had many conversations with people whose lives were being destroyed by porn and so I've put some thoughts on the subject in this website to try and offer a bit of help. If you'd like to look at some of them click on WHY CHOOSE from the tabs (or from the MENU if you're on an iPhone) 

If you'd like to chat to me please email me at or call me on +44 7967 377182 . All conversations will be confidential. May lasting freedom be your experience.